Re: FtpFS problem


I have a problem with the ftpfs, or rather with the way midnight
commander handles ftp connections. The problem is the following.

Please report the version of Midnight Commander next time.  It's very
annoying to see people assuming that all versions of MC have exactly the
same bugs, so that the version doesn't matter.  Be assured that the bugs
get fixed and the version does matter.

I could reproduce your problem with the CVS version of MC.  Indeed, using
the "-l" option I could see that every time when an FTP directory is read
MC reads the directory two levels above unless it's already cached.

This appears to be a bug in ftpfs.

It may be "feature".

Okay, haven't look at code, but assume you are in /foo/bar/baz. Now,
you stat(".."). To find size of /foo/bar (that's what .. is, right?)
you list /foo. Logical, eh?

since I never needed the listing for .../users/d/. Any way to
disable this request for the listing of the directory two levels
up? Any recommendations on what I can do?

Fix the bug or wait until somebody else does it.

This might not be too easy to fix...
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