FtpFS problem

Hello, everybody.

I have a problem with the ftpfs, or rather with the way midnight 
commander handles ftp connections. The problem is the following. 

When I connect to a directory on a server, mc requests the 
directory listing for the directory to which I go, and for the 
directory 2 levels up, which causes the following problem: I 
connect to my school's ftp server, the space on which is 
organized the following way: my directory has an address which 
looks something like this:
When I connect to the server at this path (i.e., my "directory 
path" looks something like 
/#ftp:username:password ftp myschool edu/..../somename/users/d/dmorozo), 
when I look at the logs, it requests listing for .../d/dmorozo/ 
and for .../somename/users/), that's not a problem. The problem 
arises when I try to go to one of my subdirectories, which then 
requests the listing for ..../d/dmorozo/subdir/ and also for 
.../somename/users/d/ which presents a problem as there are like 
1000 people with the first name that starts with d, which 
freezes mc for a minute or two. That's very annoying, especially 
since I never needed the listing for .../users/d/. Any way to 
disable this request for the listing of the directory two levels 
up? Any recommendations on what I can do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Dmitriy Morozov
foxcub foxcub org

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