Re: Closing MC closes files and programs.

Hi, Christian!

Sorry! :) I am using MC 4.5.55 on Mandrake 8.1

Good news!  Somebody finally ships MC 4.5.55.

I need the snapshot to do what you describe below, or can I do that
in the version I am running?

You can edit /usr/lib/mc/mc.ext or select Command->"Extension file edit" 
in the menu.  The later will create your personal copy of 
/usr/lib/mc/mc.ext under the name ~/.mc/bindings

    Open=soffice %f &

Find all "Open" commands ending with ampersand (or at least those that you
are using) and surround them with parentheses.

It would be nice if somebody looked if MC can do something itself instead
on relying on the shell, but my .plan is full of more important things :-(

Pavel Roskin

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