Re: compiling MC for Windows

Hello, Ludmila!

Sorry for bad english, I live in Russia and I"m just 17 
years old :).

I see no problems with your English.  You can write me in Russian but 
don't forget to remove the mailing list address from Cc: is you deside 
to do so :-)

I tried to compile MC under Win95 using Borland C++ 5.0, 

Please always mention the version.  The version of MC matters much more
for the subscribers of this list than the versions of Windows and Borland

but it goes like this:

make -f makefile.bc5 RELEASE=1
make.exe: *** No rule to make target "release/terms.obj", 
needed by "release/mc.exe". Stop.

I understand that you are using GNU make.  This is good.  I cannot find
out why this particular error happens, but I would try "make -d -r" where
"-d" instructs make to print debugging information (including what it's
looking for)  and "-r" disables implicit rules (they are not needed) so
that you don't get too much irrelevant information.

Anyway, the Windows port doesn't compile since the time when MC started
using glib.  There is a recent patch for the CVS version of MC at which
addresses this problem.  It is for MinGW (it is now part of Cygwin, see, but it may be useful for Borland as well.

Pavel Roskin

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