Re: where is mc binary

Hi Pavel,

thanks a lot, i feel a little bit stupid ...

Just tried it out and even if i started the mcserv server with -d, running midc gives me an error:

with terminal and aqua: Error opening terminal: vt100.
with  tenon xtools and xterm: Error opening terminal: xterm.

Any clues?

Thanks, david

P.S. this is both version 4.5.51

On Donnerstag, November 15, 2001, at 12:01  Uhr, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hello, David!

just installed mc for mac os x (darwin) and sorry  for this stupid
question, but where on earth is the binary "mc"?

If you took it from (you
didn't give enough information, so I have to guess), that mc is called

Beware that the version they are distributing is mc-4.5.51, which is quite
old.  You may want to download mc-4.5.55 or the latest snapshot from

To all:

Unfortunately, many distributors seem to ignore the mc development since
the version 4.5.54 (ximian) or even 4.5.51 (redhat, GNU-darwin).
Distributors prefer to fix bugs themselves instead of relying on the mc

In my opinion, it's not just a consequence of somebody's conservatism,
it's an problem of trust.  There are reasons for that, and changing the
mailing list addresses twice in a short time is one of them. Stability is
another factor.

I believe that restoring trust to the MC development team is the highest
priority, much higher than new features. Otherwise many users will never
seen the new features.

Pavel Roskin

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