Re: Opening StarOffice files from MC doesn't work.

Hello, Christian!

I am trying to open Word documents from MC in StarOffice 6.0. I am not
able to set the right extension stuff to make it work it seems. I have
set this:

Open=soffice %f

What happens is that StarOffice opens but errors with a message saying
"Nonexistent object. Nonexistent file".

I have used other file managers without having this happen. Why
doesn't it work in MC?

I appreciate that you have found it.  It's a limitation of MC, and I have 
definite plans to fix it before the next version.

StarOffice 6.0, unlike StarOffice 5.2, interprets files without full path
as files in the user's "work directory", not in the current directory, as 
most programs do.  MC should force full patch on files when invoking 
StarOffice.  There is no way to force path expansion without having 
adverse effects on VFS files.

In other words, "%f" works with VFS (i.e. local copies are fetched when
needed) but is not guaranteed to be full path on the local filesystem.  
On the other hand, "%d/%p" is full path on local VFS but it doesn't cause
the local copies to be created for non-local VFSes.

The workaround for you is:

Open=soffice %d/%p

The fix will be in mc-4.6.

Pavel Roskin

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