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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 14:24:17 +0200
From: Adam Purkrt <adampurkrt yahoo com>
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Subject: Midnight Commander - FTP vfs improvement
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sorry to bother you, but I would like to suggest the following
improvement in vfs/utilvfs.c (the patch is against mc-4.5.52)

*** utilvfs.c.orig      Sun Aug 27 19:38:18 2000
--- utilvfs.c   Fri May  4 16:38:54 2001
*** 89,95 ****

      /* search for any possible user */
!     at    = strchr (pcopy, '@');

      /* We have a username */
      if (at){
--- 89,95 ----

      /* search for any possible user */
!     at    = strrchr (pcopy, '@');

      /* We have a username */
      if (at){

now it is possible to log in with username/password containing a '@'
char (e.g. FTP access to my internet provider's web hosting server uses
such username - yes, the username is really "apur cbox cz", so now i log
in with /#ftp:apur cbox cz:<password>@ftp.cbox.cz, which wasn't possible

One more suggestion/wish - what about adding an option (e.g. to "Listing
mode" dialog or to "Layout" dialog)
to remove the title line from panel(s) (I mean Name|Size|MTime). In fact
I have things set up so that I have only names in the panels and
additional informations in ministatus (and so the title line is quite
useless to me, but I think it would be even if I used "Full file list");
removing the title line would also give one more line in the pannels and
the panels would look better.

Adam Purkrt

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