Re: files > 2G under Solaris

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hello, Maksym!

Does MC support files > 2G?

It depends. It should support them on 64-bit OSes, i.e. on the systems
where sizeof(long int) = 8

However, MC doesn't have any specific support for large files on 32-bit
operating systems. It can be added, but I haven't seen a single person
asking for that.

If so, was anybody successful in getting MC to see large files under

What platform are you using? i386, Sparc or UltraSparc? The answer may
depend on that.
Sorry, I did not tell, it's Ultra, Solaris 7; I tried MC 4.5.53 and 54,
gcc 2.8.1 and 2.95.2

I doubt that anybody who knows the answer at least for one platform will
reply. I suggest that you take the latest snapshot and try it. If
something goes wrong describe your problem in the list.

MC may have problems viewing, editing and copying large files. It could
show their size incorrectly. But I think that in any case they will be
visible on the panels.

I would be happy to see files and sizes. 
It produces error message 
`File 'C.w2k.4G' exists but can not be stat-ed: Value too large for
defined data type'
and don't show this file on the panels. I see that it uses lstat, which
is 32bit and fails. There is lstat64 defined in sys/stat.h, but I
probably need 64bit compiler.
In calculating sum of sizes of several large (but <2G) files it performs
OK. (One of precompiled versions -- 4.5.40 from produce negative

The last snapshot can be found here:

Will try


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