Re: Bad sort order under glibc 2.2

On 11 Jul 01 at 16:10, jakub redhat com wrote:

    BTW, there's one more problem -- filenames of various cases are mixed, so
that "README", "INSTALL", "Makefile" etc. go *after* e.g.  But
the same problem affects "ls", so this one should definitely be reported to
glibc team (strange, but I found nothing about this in their bug-tracking

There is nothing to report, glibc is correct.
glibc strcoll sorts according to locale collation sequence, and most native
languages sort that way, look at any printed vocabulary.
Some people are not used to this since computers weren't doing this
previously and people are expecting C locale sorting.
If mc wants to sort differently (e.g. putting dot files first makes a lot of
sense), then it has to ensure it itself before calling strcoll.

    Sure.  Dot-files *must* be sorted separately (as well as directories),
and this does require special logic in mc (in fact, relying on ASCII sort
order here is a bad thing).

    But changing case-sensitivity of file sort order is not good too -- there
is a long ago established practice of naming "important" files with a leading
capital, for those to be desplayed first (README, Makefile vs. makefile,
etc.), and this practice is documented.  Oh, mamma mia, do we need a
strnocasecoll()? ;-)  Somebody of POSIX-writers should have thought about
this issue before...

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