Re: Patches for editor - edit_key_translator.c

Hi, Steef!

Here's the bit of my patch that should at least work against the current
version. It fixes the missing ALT-B (I had it working as a macro as a
temporary fix) and some other keys that probably only work in the linux
console (my typical hacking environment, by the way!)

I'm applying the part for ALT-B because this shortcut was used in the
menu, so not supporting it is a bug. I also added support for ALT-B in the
GNOME edition to keep them in-sync.

I would like you to give more details about your patch so that I don't
have to guess what else you have changed.

I'm not applying your patch for Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down because
the GNOME edition uses those keys differently. See gtkedit/gtkeditkey.c:

        if ((x_state & ShiftMask) && !(x_state & ControlMask)) {
            switch ((int) x_key) {
            case GDK_Page_Up:
                command = CK_Page_Up_Highlight;
                goto fin;
            case GDK_Page_Down:
                command = CK_Page_Down_Highlight;
                goto fin;

It's not CK_Scroll_Up_Highlight and CK_Scroll_Down_Highlight that you are

We should emulate well established editors instead of adding new shortcuts
ad hoc. Another point to consider is that many key combinations are not
available on all systems. They should not be bound to something important.

The right solution would be to implement "learn key" for the editor. There
is such functionality in Cooledit. Anyway, all this is for the future.

I'm ready to apply bugfixes when something is supposed to work and doesn't
(like Alt-B that was already in the menu). Let's leave everything else for
the time after 4.5.55.

Less importantly: I'm giving up on the beefed up status line in the
editor. I noticed <EOF> made it into the snapshot, although I liked my
format better ;-)

I couldn't figure out from your patch what you wanted to be there.

Pavel Roskin

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