Re: Patches for editor

Hi Pavel,

Here's the bit of my patch that should at least work against the current
version. It fixes the missing ALT-B (I had it working as a macro as a
temporary fix) and some other keys that probably only work in the linux
console (my typical hacking environment, by the way!)

That's very interesting. I fixed a memory problem yesterday (l_hotlist was
used after being freed in hotlist.c), so please use my snapshot for
further testing. I'm afraid that you are dealing with the bugs that
haven't been fixed yet, but it's better not to fix already fixed problems.
I noticed the bug is gone! It crashes mc on my SGI-Indy on the official
5.4.54 version, but not on the snapshot.

Less importantly: I'm giving up on the beefed up status line in the
editor. I noticed <EOF> made it into the snapshot, although I liked my
format better ;-)

I see I have to redo the dynamic version of mad.c as the current version
changed too much. Also, I have to automate the inclusion of a solve to
the alignment error for the SGI/Mips.

diff -ru mc-4.5.54/edit/edit_key_translator.c
--- mc-4.5.54/edit/edit_key_translator.c        Wed Nov  1 07:19:40 2000
+++    Sun Apr 22 03:11:23 2001
@@ -61,7 +61,9 @@
      KEY_F (4), CK_Replace, KEY_F (7), CK_Find, KEY_F (14), CK_Replace_Again,
      XCTRL ('h'), CK_BackSpace, ALT ('l'), CK_Goto, ALT ('L'), CK_Goto, XCTRL ('y'), CK_Delete_Line,
      KEY_F (17), CK_Find_Again, ALT ('p'), CK_Paragraph_Format,
+     ALT ('b'), CK_Match_Bracket,
      0177, CK_BackSpace,
      0, 0};
     static long const emacs_key_map[] =
@@ -190,6 +192,12 @@
        case KEY_RIGHT:
            command = CK_Word_Right_Highlight;
            goto fin;
+       case KEY_UP:
+           command = CK_Scroll_Up_Highlight;
+           goto fin;
+       case KEY_DOWN:
+           command = CK_Scroll_Down_Highlight;
+           goto fin;
     if ((x_state & SHIFT_PRESSED) && !(x_state & CONTROL_PRESSED)) {

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