Re: select file does not high light


   I compile the MC on HPUX-10. Every thing works fine
including function keys. But, I have 2 problems:

What version of MC?

   When I select files for copy (^T), the files are
selected but they are not high lighted. I can not tell
which files I just select.

What's the output of "mc -V"?
What terminal are you using?
What does "echo $TERM" print?

   when I copy files (F5), the destination filenames
are exectly what I see on the screen i.e. long
becomes short.
   real file name: very_long_filename
   on the screen, since the column is narrow, I only
see: very_lon
   when I copy file to  other directory, the
destination filename is: very_lon

I could not reproduce this problem with the current version of MC.

Pavel Roskin

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