Re: How Duplicate SourceForge Black on White Midnight Commander?

Pavel (and everyone),

Thanks again for your reply!

What I found:

1. There is no MC_COLOR_TABLE environment variable set on either
SourceForge or my machines at home.  (Checked using "set" command.)

2. Changing the color options (schema) in konsole has little effect (and
doesn't solve the problem):
   * The schema is originally set at Konsole Default (under Settings |
Schema).  (This is konsole/kde 2.1, BTW.)  
   * Changing it to Black on White seemingly has no effect (so the
Konsole Default is apparently Black on White).
   * If I try changing to another schema (with an obvious color
difference), I see the three lines at the bottom of the Midnight
Commander screen (the command prompt and "legend" for the F1 through F10
keys) change color appropriately (or near enough), but the change has no
effect on the main Midnight Commander "window", which continues to
display white text on a blue background.

I guess I could define my own black on white color scheme for Midnight
Commander, but there are so many choices to make -- it would be nice to
find someone who has a reasonable black on white scheme that I can adopt
(and modify if necessary).

Randy Kramer

Randy Kramer wrote:

I will do some digging and let you (via the list) know more.  Currently,
text on konsole is displayed as black on white except when I run MC.
I'll dig into konsole and see if there is something more I can / must do
to force it to always be black on white.

I'll also look for the MC_COLOR_TABLE environment variable on
SourceForge (and at home).

I'll let you know what I find.

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