Re: New website and ftp server

Hi, Andrew!

What a reason to change location?  I mailed Miguel and as far as I know
you must have account at  Location was changed twice this week,
and it is terrible.  Some people don't want download 4.5.55 even from and don't close bugs fixed in 4.5.55
at until  it will be uploaded to

I still don't have the account on  All talks about it had
no result.  Maybe I missed something, but I don't understand what may be
required from me to get access.  If the account was created and I missed
the e-mail (unlikely but possible) I apologize.

Use my public key to send me sensitive information.  It available at

The reasons to change the site were:

1) I have no access to

2) Slowliness of (it redirects to a site in Sweden).  I had 
reports from Eupore that is faster than, even 
though the former is in the United States.

3) An e-mail from asking where is the master FTP site for MC 
(I had to answer that there was no such thing).

4) Hardware problems on, where the MC snapshots were
published.  It was assumed that I only keep my personal data there, and
placing snapshots on a system with a 94% full non-upgradeable (ancient
SCSI) hard drive wasn't nice towards other people who wanted to put their
personal pages there.

5) The GNOME ftp is structured in a way that is not convenient for MC
users.  /pub/gnome contains directories stable, testing and unstable.  
Whether MC will be spread across those directories or put into "stable"  
only, there will be confused users who cannot find what they want.

I have no problems with the GNOME team in general.  I have access to the
WWW pages.  Hosting of the CVS repository is very important for the MC
project, especially because GNOME has many translators who automatically
have access to the MC translations.

The problem is specifically with

So this site may be used as mirror but primary sites must be *

I would consider it if at least some of the above problems are solved.

By the way, could you please explain what was "terrible" and why do you 
think that the location was changed twice?  I would like to be aware of 
possible problems.

The problem with people still "not aknowledging" 4.5.55 is indeed a
serious problem.  Actually, mc-4.5.55.tar.gz is already on
but the LATEST link is pointing to mc-4.5.54.tar.gz.  Whether is the primary location or a mirror, it should be fixed.

Pavel Roskin

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