Re: MC with SMB as VFS


1) Use samba library.  The problem is that such thing doesn't exist (it
didn't last time checked).  Contribute it to the Samba team.  Make MC use
it when it's installed.

2) Make MC run "smbclient" and parse its output.  May be not so reliable,
but no changes in other software are required (hopefully).  This is how
FiSH (FIles transferred over SHell) works.
Actually, I thought just from the user's point of view, not how I (or whoever 
else) would do it. I must admit that I'm not an expert on samba, but I use 
smbclient from time to time and its interface is very much like ftp's. And 
since ftpfs is there, and the usage is like:
/#ftp:[!][user[:pass] ]machine[:port][remote-dir]

This is approximately how it works. But you have to configure
--with-samba or something like that.
"I do not steal MS software. It is not worth it."
                                -- Pavel Kankovsky

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