Re: Midnight Commander website

Hi Midnight Commanders!
As you can see from my mailing with Pavel I have looked into trying to
spruce up the Midnight Commander webpage. What we need now is some
input from the MC community either in the form of support for Pavel's
logo idea, a new suggestions for a logo or even better make a new logo
for the page either based on Pavel's suggestion or your own idea.

The current page is found at (also
accesible from

Submissions in the form of more content for the page is also more than


On 25 Aug 2001 23:25:29 -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
Hi, Christian!

Ok, I have done some preliminary work on the website now, and I will do
more later (I am in a bit of a timecrunch at the moment.)

I'm impressed!  It looks so different!

Hope you like the logo I made, if you don't I will remove it again.

I don't like the logo.  It is too similar to the Norton Commander
advertizing - control, power, military uniform.  MC is more about
understanding, not power - it's so exciting to explore the filesystem in
it, especially those weird /proc and /dev.

The GNOME frontend is now phased out, so it may be a good idea to base the
logo on the appearance of the text mode Midnight Commander.
This is a little sad, but I have understood that maintaining the system
with the two different frontends with very different needs has always
been a pain. 

For me (and hopefully for many other people), any OS (from GNU/Hurd to
Solaris) becomes easy to use only when the blue screen of Midnight
Commander shows up.  Blue screens everywhere - this should be the theme of
the logo.

Maybe something like many light-blue screens fading into the midnight
blue?  But I like your idea of the banner with big text and small
graphics, so it should be preserved somehow.

Alternatively, we could ask in the mailing list (mc gnome org) to
contribute a logo.  Maybe it could be a logo contest?

By the way, it may be a good idea to move the discussion to mc gnome org -
maybe somebody already has a logo or an idea?

Pavel Roskin

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