Re: Old versions of mc

Hi, Vitaly!

Where can I find old versions of mc? I need very small and simple mc.

Note that the old versions may not be "small and simple mc", as you expect
them to be.

If you really want old stuff, search for mc-3.2.11.tar.gz on

But I suggest that you try the latest version, mc-4.5.55

It fixes many bugs, including those from the "good old" code.  I have been
using it on embedded systems with very limited resources.  Some changes
were made to make MC more modular and to allow you to disable some

Don't be confused by the size of the source distribution.  It contains
many files that will not affect memory footprint or can be disabled -
GNOME stuff, translations, syntax highlighting rules.

I suggest that you take the last version and configure it with the
following command:

./configure --disable-nls --without-gnome --without-edit --without-vfs
--without-subshell --with-included-slang --without-gpm-mouse

It is also recommended that you link against static glib unless you have
other programs using glib.

This would greatly reduce memory footprint.  If that's not your concern,
please be more specific next time.

Pavel Roskin

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