Re: chown and symbolic links

Hi, Pavel!

local_lchown should be added, and lchown should be added to all
targets... Because .. How do you get functionality of chown() if chown
is turned into lchown?

This should be easy.  Resolve link and run lchown on the target.  But I
agree with you that VFS should not "fix" shortcomings and design problems
of libc and POSIX.

It's already the second patch in the last month that tries to use the VFS
level to give the traditional libc functions the "smartness" of the
traditional UNIX utilities, such as "ln" that can link into a directory
and "chown" that works on symlinks.

I think this is bad. I do not like smartness such as this. It is
likely to break stuff in future.

Ok.  Then I'll reject patches that do it.

Pavel Roskin

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