mc-4.5.55 to be released, please update translations


I'm planning to release GNU Midnight Commander version 4.5.55 on Monday,
August 20.

The string freeze is now in effect.  No changes in the translatable
strings will be accepted until the release.

GNU Midnight Commander has two frontends - text edition, running on the
console and resembling Norton Commander (TM) and GNOME edition, which is
historically the first file manager for GNOME.

Please update the translations if you want MC to speak your language.

If you are actually planning to update a translation really soon but
cannot complete it by August 20, please contact me so that the release
date is adjusted.

I'm aware that many strings in GNU Midnight Commander were written without
translation in mind.  I'm not going to change them before the release, but
if you have any ideas (not flames) please direct them to
mc-devel gnome org

If you don't have CVS access please send po files (preferrably compressed)
to mc-devel gnome org

The homepage of GNU Midnight Commander is

The CVS module in the GNOME reporitory is called "mc".  You will need
gettext-0.10.38 or 0.10.39 to build GNU Midnight Commander from CVS.

Unofficial snapshots are at
They should not require anything special to be built (but note that glib
is required).

Portability testing of the current code will be appreciated.  It is known
that the subshell doesn't work on QNX Neutino due to unimlemented
SA_RESTART on that platform.  No other portability problems are known.

Pavel Roskin

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