Re: desktop mgmt / menus

Hi, Wade!

You must have mistaken my personal e-mail for the mailing list.  Could you
please tell me where you took my e-mail address?  Maybe I'll have to
replace it with the mailing list address.

I am unable to get the third mouse button to show me the gnome root
menu. Also the first button gives me no rubber-band selector.
I am unsure if this is a gmc problem or not.  I am able to use all
three buttons successfully in other contexts (in apps, wm).

I don't know what the "gnome root menu" is.  If it's the menu that appears
when you click on the panel, then it has nothing to do with gmc.  If it's
the menu that appears when you click on desktop, then I could not
reproduce your problem with sawfish-0.36-7 (RedHat 7.1) - it works for me.

You can try a recent version of IceWM (1.0.6 should be fine) and set
UseRootButtons=0 in ~/.icewm/preferences - this should work for sure (if
you mean the menu on the root window).

In either case, I don't think that gmc has anything to do with the

I have the latest gnome from Debian Sid installed.  The parts were
installed manually, rather than the usual debian install scripts,
so it's possible that I've missed a package, or misconfigured
something.  Either way, I've found no docs that show me where the
breakage is most likely to be.

Breakage is usually fixed before it's documented :-)

My gmc is version 4.5.54.  I am running it by hand as gmc&
currently, and the wm is sawfish 1.0  (from the sawfish-gnome pkg).

Try upgrading sawfish.  Before you report the problem try to elaborate
more - whether it exists with other file managers, without gmc running,
without panel running and so on.

Pavel Roskin

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