Trying to debug: text entry fields not acceptin 'j' or 'd' character


I'm trying to track down an issue with two versions of mc that i have compiled on my two mac machines. I have 
a mac mini and a mac powerbook, both intel based machines.

On the mac mini, i had tried previously to install mc with some degree of success. i know that it wasn't the 
current version (.15) but don't recall the version, probably .13 or so. I know that i was able to install the 
required other pieces, glib, gettext, pkf-config, slang, etc.

Now, for my work, last month, i tried to install the latest mc (.15) on my mac powerbook. Initially i 
downloaded a premade binary (for .12, that i am sure of) and it worked, but it had the issue of the 'j' and 
'd' key now working when entering text into a text field (like entering a new name in a field or text to 
search for). 
Thinking that this was probably a bug with the .12 version, i set about trying to compile the latest .15 on 
my powerbook. I downloaded the latest versions of gettext(0.19.7), glib (2.46.2), pkg-config(0.29), libffi 
(3.2.1) and slang(2.3.0), and ultimately got it all to compile together.

While i was having problems getting everything to config, on a whim, i downloade mc .15 on my mac mini, and 
ran ./configure, just to see what would happen. ./configure ran through completely with the previous versions 
of stuff i had compiled. So i went ahead and did a make and a sudo make install. Fine no problems.

After finally getting mc to compile on the Powerbook, i started using it, and began noticing the issue with 
the 'j' and 'd' key. I thought there must be something with the .15 version as well as had been with the 
compiled .12 version. HOWEVER, when i went to try 'j' and 'd' key on the .15 version i compiled on my mac 
mini, the 'j' and 'd' keys DO INDEED work fine!

So now we come to my question, what lib, etc., in mc would be responsible for handling text entry. Is that 
gettext? i DO know that for the mac mini, i am using an earlier version of gettext (0.19.4) and an earlier 
version of pkg-config (0.28). I still need to see what variances for the other pieces on the mac mini, but i 
just wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on this?

Sorry for the long winded question, but i thought it important to cover all the information!

Thanks again for ANY help or insight!

Russ Urquhart

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