Re: mc^2 news (august 2016)

On 8/17/16, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com> wrote:
I hope that my efforts in trying to find an employer
who would be ready to sponsor some work on mc at least
on the scale of several hours per week have now finally
borne fruit

I very much hope so.

It amazes me that the Linux ecosystem (and similar OSs), under which
flourish gazillion of companies, don't help in this.

Perhaps people just aren't aware of the situation. Before I came here
I assumed there was some "Bilderberg group" behind MC. After all, MC
is such a basic element of Linux, so who wouldn't want a hand in it?

basically, I've been inactive in the last couple
of months (travelling, $dayjob), but [...]

Yep, I've noticed your resounding absence :-(  I'm relieved to see
you're still an addict.

I too have been inactive. It started with a computer crash that kept
me busy for a couple of months, and afterwards I sort of remained
inactive. Not that I've been active before that.

In the mean time, kudos to Andrew who is single-handedly
doing some excellent work on mc right now...

Right! He's like Atlas. I mean it.

I swear, when that $75 million USD finally get to me from that
Nigerian prince whose rich uncle Absalom had died, the very first
thing I'm going to do is put Andrew and you on a huuuuge payroll. For
Andrew I'll buy a gold Lamborghini. Even before I buy myself a

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