Re: Please release 4.8.15

Hi guys,

Ping - any plans??

4.8.14 is the longest lived release of the 4.8 era despite of its
nasty segfault. I remember the days when a bug like this caused a
follow-up release in just a few days.

Please make a .15 release ASAP!

If there are 2-3 more fixes you'd like to sqeeze in, sure, go ahead
and apply them quickly (and please include #3534 as well).

If there are 10-15 fixes you'd like to squeeze in, please forget it --
release a .15 now and a .16 when you're ready with those!  Please
don't delay the segfault fix any further!


On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 9:22 PM, Egmont Koblinger <egmont gmail com> wrote:
Hi guys,

Now that the infamous segfault is finally fixed, could we please have
a new release in the very near future?

mc -- according to a certain way of counting -- will be 21 years old
by the end of this month (see last year's 20th birthday mail).  It
means it'll be allowed to buy alcoholic drinks in the U.S.  I think
this is a perfect reason to celebrate with a cool release, isn't it?

I'd personally like to see #3534 fixed (failure if PROMPT_COMMAND ends
in a semicolon -- the first patch from the ticket is the safer one),
other than that I'm totally okay with current master.  Just please
don't commit last minute heavy changes ;)


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