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The Wiki says that there is a project to collect information and complete the web documentation. So my original intent was to bring the web site documentation up to the same level as the help feature and perhaps create a PDF so it can be easily downloaded. Are there any specific persons associated with this effort so I can coordinate with them?

I also have some questions that need clarification that might also be included in the Help so that every user will also have the information.

For example. The Help says that only EXT2 file systems can be usewd with Undelete, but this page indicates that EXT3 is also supported for this. That makes sense, because EXT2 and 3 are identical except for the addition of the journal. However, that is not mentioned in the Help. Also, what about EXT4? My understanding (limited) of EXT4 is that it retains many architectural components of EXT2/3 but that there are some differences. So is Undelete supported on EXT4?

I don't expect to be able to research these questions quickly. I still have to read the sources and see what I can find.

I am using MC 4.8.12, which is the version provided by Fedora. SO that is only a couple minor releases behind the most current according to the Wiki.


On 05/16/2015 02:13 PM, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Sat, 2015-05-16 at 13:43 -0400, David Both wrote:
Is there someone - anyone - here who has been working on
documentation? I just want to coordinate and make sure I do not
interfere with work others are doing.
What kind of work do you have in mind more specifically?

The primary source of documentation for mc are the man pages, from which
the files used in the internal help system are generated. You'll find
everything in the "doc" directory.

Usually, whenever a new feature is implemented, the documentation is
updated accordingly, so basically anyone who's been working on new
features has been also working on the documentation to a certain extent.


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