Re: error or i don't understend some thing


You can add a menu shortcut for that action:
1. Go to Command -> Edit menu file
2. Chose the menu file to edit: Local (visible only inside the directory where it was created) or User (global menu, visible everywhere)
3. Add the following lines into your user menu:

Create file
    FILENAME=%{Enter filename}
    touch $FILENAME
    mcedit $FILENAME

4. Save the menu file

Now you can press F2 and either choose "Create file" from the list or just press a shortcut - Shift+C (the first character of the menu item's name). Then enter a file name. mcedit will appear with the new file opened for editing. Of course instead of mcedit you can use any command you want if you add into the user menu :)

Hope this helps.

On 24 дек. 2014, at 16:47, Igor) <dubrovin i gmail com> <dubrovin i gmail com> wrote:

hello, my name is Igor i have a question

how can i create file in mc? shift+f4 not working

now i using echo > in terminal mode(ctrl+o)

mc version 4.8.11

os ubuntu 14.04

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