Re: mc 4.8.14 rpm packages

Le 08/08/2015 03:06, David Haller a écrit :
Hi David,
Uhhm, have you not noticed, that mc has been in Base:System (the most
basic part of openSUSE) for YEARS? Actually, ISTR, it got moved from
some other project (Gnome?) into Base:System! That's how important mc
is to people doing the grunt work, they want it in the _basic system_!)

So, don't worry about packaging mc for SUSE/SLE, that's all covered.
The point here would be to provide *latest* stable. The link you give points to an « old » stable version :) We’re happy it’s in base (as it’s the case too in CentOS for example) though !

About deb-based and others distros, we’d need someone to work on it.



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