Re: mc 4.8.14 rpm packages


On Thu, 11 Jun 2015, Laurent Wandrebeck wrote:
== Redhat-based distros ==
Binary and source packages for:
'''CentOS 6''',
'''CentOS 7''',
'''Scientific Linux 6''',
'''Scientific Linux 7''',
'''Fedora 20''',
'''Fedora 21''',
'''Fedora 22''' (both i386 and amd64. amd64 only for C7 and SL7):
Help welcome to get SLE and openSUSE packages up and running.

Uhhm, have you not noticed, that mc has been in Base:System (the most
basic part of openSUSE) for YEARS? Actually, ISTR, it got moved from
some other project (Gnome?) into Base:System! That's how important mc
is to people doing the grunt work, they want it in the _basic system_!)

So, don't worry about packaging mc for SUSE/SLE, that's all covered.

I think, the mc site could/should link to

for openSUSE/SLE, Laurent's Fedora/RHEL/CentOS packages, add other
sources for packages. BTW: As far as I've seen, nobody built
Debian/Ubuntu or Arch packages on the OBS yet though.

And don't worry about providing packages for openSUSE/SLE, they're
already there for the "supported" versions and provided (often by the
(ex-)package-maintainers themselves) also for out-of-support versions.


P:      Linus Torvalds
S:      Buried alive in email
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