mc: (Lack of) Line break type autodetection - 5th year anniversary


We recently had a nice optimistic thread about mc's 20th anniversary,
and I'd like to draw everyone's attention to another anniversary - 5
years of "provide better editor support for files with CRLF encoding"
bugreport: . What's more
interesting is that it had a patch for 4 years too, and yet it's not
fixed in the mainline.

Few people contributed to the most authoritative patchset
2 of which are mc maintainers, so the patch had good chances being
merged long ago. As it wasn't, apparently the party to blame is the
original author of patchset, which is me. 

So, trying to resolve this situation, I rebased "1652_autodetect_lb"
branch onto the latest master, and made auto-detection much more
conservative to address concerns of editor binary safety (note that
auto-detection is of course off by default anyway). I tested it to
behave as expected, unittests were provided by Slava Zanko and updated
to the latest changes too.

The pull request is submitted on github, to make it one button click
away from being merged - assuming it is ok. I'm also ready to address
any concerns raised.


Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml gmail com

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