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29.10.2014 23:07, Egmont Koblinger пишет:
Sadly, as this post points out, mc almost died twice already – and
the really sad aspect that casts a shadow to the current birthday
is that I personally feel it's dying again for the third time.

Yes, have a reason here. Frankly speaking, we need 'new blood', new
developers, new maintainers in our team. Not all current developers
have a time (or even a fun) in developing of MC. Lot of tickets have
unresolved in months and even years. It weird, I agree.

So this my mail is for potential MC-developers and maintainers: we
opened for your proposals. Anyway, I'll be happy if our team will be
increased by new members.

So, what about giving commit access to Egmont Koblinger? He lately
did few very useful fixes for long-standing issues and is generally
an active community member.


Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml gmail com

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