Re: Execute command on a shell link

On 2013–05–26 Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 01:36:00PM +0200, Marco wrote:
usually the command prompt follows the directory of the active
panel. But this doesn't work on shell links, it always stays on the
local file system. When launching a command the following error pops

  “Cannot execute commands on non-local filesystems”

Hitting ctrl-o to get a shell doesn't work either, it doesn't open a
shell on the remote host.

Is there a way to execute commands on the remote host without
opening a dedicated ssh session?

the fact that the link uses a remote shell is abstracted away by the VFS
layer, so: no.

That's sad to hear.

however, i must say that i find the idea to expose the shell through a
"side channel" intriguing. but this is not going to be an easy exercise
to start with,

That doesn't sound very promising. I assume it doesn't make much
sense to add a feature request to the bug tracker then.

and the fact that the synchronization between mc and the
(local) shell is now even more broken than in mc <= 4.5 doesn't exactly
make the challenge smaller.

I never used those older versions, I'm a rather new mc user and
don't know much about the internals and history.


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