Re: Execute command on a shell link

On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 01:36:00PM +0200, Marco wrote:
usually the command prompt follows the directory of the active
panel. But this doesn't work on shell links, it always stays on the
local file system. When launching a command the following error pops

  “Cannot execute commands on non-local filesystems”

Hitting ctrl-o to get a shell doesn't work either, it doesn't open a
shell on the remote host.

Is there a way to execute commands on the remote host without
opening a dedicated ssh session?

the fact that the link uses a remote shell is abstracted away by the VFS
layer, so: no.

however, i must say that i find the idea to expose the shell through a
"side channel" intriguing. but this is not going to be an easy exercise
to start with, and the fact that the synchronization between mc and the
(local) shell is now even more broken than in mc <= 4.5 doesn't exactly
make the challenge smaller.

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