Re: inconvinient things in midnight commander.

On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 10:11 PM, 5l0|Z <xarxoohx gmail com> wrote:

I started using mc recently, and I'm already in love with it, as a
But there's just a couple of thnings, that kinda slowing me down, mainly:

1- How can I run something in the background, (say an flv) by a-highlighting
it b-F2 c-@ (do something with it) Now if I type something like 'vlc &' vlc
will run both '&' and the flv (in separate vlc instances)
Now I don't want that, I wanna type vlc & and run the highlighted flv in the

You can write a script which starts video player in background,
and call that script.

Now I could just type its name in the command line and append it
with a &, but what if the file name was too long?

Use Alt-Enter, it inserts current filename into the command you type in.

3- The renaming issue, if I wanna rename a file, I'd have to write down its
full path all over again, which is very slow.

I use wildcards. E.g. I select all *.log files, F6,
use wildcards *.log and *.txt in the "mask:" and "to:" fields
and boom, all files are renamed.

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