inconvinient things in midnight commander.

I started using mc recently, and I'm already in love with it, as a
But there's just a couple of thnings, that kinda slowing me down, mainly:

1- How can I run something in the background, (say an flv) by a-highlighting
it b-F2 c-@ (do something with it) Now if I type something like 'vlc &' vlc
will run both '&' and the flv (in separate vlc instances)
Now I don't want that, I wanna type vlc & and run the highlighted flv in the
background. Now I could just type its name in the command line and append it
with a &, but what if the file name was too long?
I'm asking this, because if you open something, like an flv in the
foreground and try to open something else, it willl compalin that the
terminal is busy.

2- When I highlight multiple files (say mp3 or flv) and hit enter to execute
them, say with vlc, I'll get an instance for vlc running the first file,
when it finishes, I'll get another for the 2nd file, etc.
I don't want that, I just want one instant running all the things I choose
to run.

3- The renaming issue, if I wanna rename a file, I'd have to write down its
full path all over again, which is very slow.

Now I found that to be very inconvnient.
Has anybody found a way around them?

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