Re: Midnight Commander slow to start

* Piscium <groknok gmail com> wrote:
On 4 March 2013 22:29, Felix Miata <mrmazda earthlink net> wrote:

What you should have pasted was a URL to the report you filed.

I pasted the text to make life easier for people. Here is the link:

4.8.7 starts instantly for me on a 6 year old 64 bit PC running Fedora 18.

I believe you. It always started fast for me too in the past, but now
there is an issue on two PCs as I said. I installed the Fedora LXDE
spin in both.

This is a dns resolution error... mc starts, when all timeouts are
passed ;)

There are 3 ways for fixing that:
1) you can delete your default gateway (the dns fails without timeout)
2) check /etc/resolv.conf + default route (the dns fails without timeout)
3) setup a correct /etc/hosts file with the name of the machine (the
   libc resolver resolves the name without any network related things)

The last thing is the best solution, I think ;)

PS: You can check that, by running the following command on some
    terminal: "strace -r -oX mc"
    And on a seconds terminal, watch the output of X via "tail -f X"

Maybe some developer of mc can fix the thing, by avoiding the
unnecessary dns lookup ;)

regards, TR

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