Re: Midnight Commander slow to start

On 2013-03-04 22:09 (GMT) Piscium composed:

Midnight Commander is slow to start for me on two PCs (one very new
and the other 6 years old). I am running Fedora 18 64 bits. I already
filed an issue in the Red Hat bugzilla.

I searched RedHat's Bugzilla for any such bug and failed, even searching only for groknok gmail com .

 I was thinking that somebody
in this forum might spot easily what is wrong? I am pasting below my
Fedora bug report.

What you should have pasted was a URL to the report you filed.

If somebody knows a fix I could give it a try on my PC by patching the
code and rebuilding the RPM.

4.8.7 starts instantly for me on a 6 year old 64 bit PC running Fedora 18.
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