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Marco wrote:

when I hit F6 to rename a file the “to:� field is pre-populated with
the path of the other panel. That's handy if you want to move files,
but annoying if you want to rename the file and the renaming just
adds an extension or removes two characters at the beginning of a
50-character file name. If I start typing I have to retype the
entire file name.

Is there an easier way to rename files, for instance a shortcut to
pre-populate the field with the current file name?

Shift+F6 should do it.

But it doesn't when running on a tty in runlevel[2,3,5] in every distro I can recall using. In the tty case it's inexplicably Shift-F4, just like copy with edit name instead of Shift-F5 is Shift-F3. Why? I know it has something to do with 10 function keys vs. 12 function keys, but shouldn't there be a simple solution? Is there?

Also, File Commander is much smarter than MC on group copy/move. In FC when a group of files is selected in a fullscreen pane and the highlight/focus is on a DIR, F5/F6 copies/moves the group to the highlighted DIR without need for further typing beyond confirmation. Has no one ever asked for this intelligence in MC?
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