line drawing characters, or not

Once upon a time it seemed like the framing elements always just worked whether in ttys or in terminals in X. In recent times, this competence seems to be randomly lost on tty[1-6]. There's no rhyme or reason to whether it works or not that I can tell. On different hardware all running the "same" MC version (e.g. 4.8.10) in openSUSE 12.2, 12.3, 13.1 & 13.2, Mageia 3 & 4, and Fedora 19 & 20, some do it right, and some don't, even within same OS version. What controls or may be interfering with this?

In all cases here, the installations are using default EN lang configuration unmodified from however each OS installer sets it up. In most cases here, the MC INI file (actually all of ~/.config/mc/) is carried over from prior version on upgrade, or simply copied from an elder when a new installation, all in order to speed carryover of scattered non-default configs such as long right listing mode, hotlist, no dir colors, no autoconfigsave, no edit syntax colors, internal editor and various others, including history.
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