trac search does not find any mc-tty tickets

Searching tickets only for mc-tty produces "No matches found." Since mc-tty is a component, this behavior makes no sense. Trying to find help by clicking "See TracSearch for help on searching." is an exercise in frustration, as it insists on opening in same tab. To open in new tab one must replicate the search results page in another tab before clicking. The help page itself produces no help for finding tickets for mc-tty, but does have links to Tracguide, TracLinks & TracQuery. I tried the latter, which turns out to be another exercise in frustration.

How does one get a list of all tickets (preferably only those with activity in last year or so) with component mc-tty?

How did Trac software get picked over Bugzilla (which I find absolutely simple to use in comparison)?
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