Re: Media Transfer Protocol

On 07.04.2013 20:13, Artem Petrov wrote:
Hello everybody.

I have one question to mc developers. Do you plan to realize Media Transfer
Protocol? This would be really great.

MC it's just a file manager, not a manager for pluggable devices. So, would be cool if Media Transfer 
protocol will be
supported by separate app (such as daemon like automount) and mc will just navigate across mounted devices.

Also, mc doesn't have good event handling (for example, would be cool to use GMainLoop technology from GLib). 
implemented own event handling model (oriented to keyboard/mouse events) and the implementation isn't good 
for handling
other external events (such as plug in of device or 'reread-by-fly' directory listing when changed and so on).

WBR, Slavaz.

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