Re: How to add subshell support for ash


I really do not speak C. Please do not mistake my patch for C knowledge.
Furthermore, I have absolutely no idea about the Gnome API, so even
though I am grateful for your comments I need you to remember that I am
just refactoring existing code and adding new code in the same manner,
Imitating what I see, because I do not know about the semantics of
certain system or API calls. I am absolutely the wrong person to
substantially refactor existing code, such as replacing all putenv calls
by g_setenv. I just happened to stumble upon an upstream bug while I
wanted to extend the code. I might break more than I fix, so I would
really appreciate somebody with commit rights to use my patch, improve
it and if he sees fit for more optimisations or refactoring along the
way, just do it. There is no point in remote-controlling me with my next
to zero mc/C/Gnome knowledge because it probably creates more work for
you cleaning up my mess than it saves.

Andrew, are you a member of the mc development team and can improve and
then commit my code?
Alexander Kriegisch

Andrew Borodin, 05.03.2012 14:32:
> On Mon, 05 Mar 2012 14:25:53 +0100 Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>> So I updated my patch: putenv_str is now created before the first switch
>> statement and g_free(putenv_str) is called at the same place as
>> g_free(init_file).
> Just use g_setenv:

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