Re: compiling mc under ubuntu 12.04

Hi Frank,
most distros don't install header files for various libraries and/or static libraries (for example) by default. Without those, no complex source code will compile (including Midnight Commander). Having gcc and libc-dev installed is not enough in most cases (as you found out yourself).

If I remember correctly Debian/Ubuntu has three files for each source. The original tarball, the distro specific changes and a description file. The description file tells all the building requirements to make a package just as the maintainer did. There is an automated tool (whose name I don't remember) which takes this description file and creates a build environment based on that.


Dne 22.6.2012 10:34, frank napsal(a):
Compiling the latest mc under Ubuntu 12.04 just took me one hour of
chasing dependencies and creating symlinks.

And still I have some 100 warnings "...input unused because linking not
done" - which I'm not going to track down.

Don't you think your latest release should _always_ compile straight
from the box under the major Linux distro?


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