Re: mc appends apostrophe to PATH environment variable [solved]


> I just found that mc appends an apostrophe to the PATH environment
> variable, rendering the last entry in the search path unusable. As
> this has not been seen before, it looks to me that one of the last
> updates introduced this.

Trying to dig into the problem I found that .bashrc has been tampered
by a script of the installation process. This only manifests
when .bashrc is called explicitly, as it is done by mc start. So it is
NOT an mc bug.

...  but as the same tapering happened on two machines this tampering
may be part of the Gentoo installation system (or controlling scripts
of the installation). So please note that the problem resides within
the .bashrc script, if anybody else stumbles over this PATH tampering
on mc start. Look carefully at the quotes in .bashrc and double check
there pairing.

Sorry for the noise.

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