Re: wishlist: selective erase

It would be fine when we there would have third option "SELECTIVELY"
which allow delete only individually confirmed items.

Or to be more precise and more general at the same time:

It would be nice to be able restrict the listing to the selected
entries only, although in 30 years the Norton clones (except Total
Commander) didn't even notice the feature exists.

After which you can unselect all, leaving only the restricted list on
display, act individually with delete, copy, move etc. on the files
still there and re-select the bunch. See Ztree if in doubt - which
offers additionally and always either individual or group operations when some files are selected.

It's about time the orthodox learn the basics. Just look at the crap
MC has to offer with tree view. It seems to difficult to understand
that the tree view does not need to be an alternative approach but
just an additional feature: you can operate in two panels or you can
operate between tree view and file listing according to circumstances.

The idiotic orthodoxy has gone so far that literally there is not one
single X11 file manager offering tree view with expand/collapse.

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