Re: Ctrl-x keyboard bindings / mc 4.7.5.x

On Sat, 23 Apr 2011 17:30:45 +0200 wrote:
> I also tried some other C-x bindings with
> other predefined commands but none of them was ever executed (The
> default bindings like "C-x i" work).
> What did I overlook?
> How can I add more bindings to the C-x map in mc 4.7.5?

Now you don't need to edit source code to redefine existing bindings. You can
edit keymap files. Main keymap files are /etc/mc/mc.keymap and ~/.mc/mc.keymap
(please find the "Redefine hotkey bindings" section in mc man page for more

C-x bindings are defined in [main:xmap] section. C-x binding itself is defined
in ExtendedKeyMap key in [main] section.

In mc-4.7.5.x you need have the entire section in your ~/.mc/mc.keymap file
if you want redefine some keybindings in that section. If binding is not defined
in keymap file, it is not defined. Section is keymap fully overwrites the
section in defaults. In 4.8.x branch, which is currently being developed, such
behaviour is changed (


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