Hi folks,

as some of us - Slyfox - now is initiated to the holy circle of
Gentoo devs, this seems to be a good chance for a closer cooperation
between mc.o + Gentoo.

One concrete thing is that Gentoo still has several own patches,
which i'd prefer to go away. So my proposal: maintain Gentoo
branches/tags (on per-upstream-release basis) which contain all
of Gentoo's changes directly (maybe there will also be several
litte things which chould be done directly in the sourcetree
instead of workarounds in the ebuilds) - this (IMHO) should make
long-term maintenance (also for other distros which might be
interested in Gentoo's changes).

BTW: one thing's a bit strange in the ebuilds: there's an dependency
on e2fsprogs @linux. Seems that causes mc to include undelfs support.
Better: have a separate useflags for the optional mc-vfs'es.

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