Re: technical question about branches

On Fri, 21 May 2010 23:45:59 +0200 Janek Kozicki wrote:
> Now I want to make it available for you. How?
>   git push origin 1517_collapse_a_treeview_dir_with_enter
> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Right. You don't have write permissions to the mc repo.

> Do I need to make my own repo (github? gitorious?) so that you can
> fetch from it?

I think, yes.

> Do I have an access to origin, because I made a trac account, and I'm
> simply unaware of that?

If you will have your repo on github, we can review your branches,
fetch them into main mc repo and merge to master.

> Or should I `git format-patch master 1517_collapse_a_treeview_dir_with_enter` and attach it to tickets?

This way is also possible. In this case the branch will be created
by one of MC developers in main mc repo.


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