getting real

Tell me if my idea of how to work here is correct:

- create a trac ticket for each thing that I plan to do with tree
  view (I have several separate ideas).
- create a branch for those tickets.
- once some ticket is done: push it
- then you can pull and test it.


My separate ideas. Should I use separate tickets for each?

1) use skins for display of ─ / ▶ / ▼ : #1518

2) display whether the subdirectories ▶ are hidden (dot-files) or not
   (it can be annoying if you try to unfold, and nothing unfolds,
   because the subdirectories are hidden).

3) Second press of Enter on a collapsed directory, which contains only
   hidden subdirectories, should unfold and show those hidden

4) speed up detection whether a directory has subdirectories, by
  caching this information in the tree_entry struct: (mtime timestamp + yes|no)

5) display symlinked directories

6) use Enter to unfold/collapse a directory : #2202, #1517

7) Improve F3 "Forget-this" option by adding another "Forget-everything-except-this"

That's the stuff that I am thinking about. Ideally each of them
should be a separate (smaller) patch, but they will have to be
applied in order (they depend on each other).

Finely graining this should make it easier for you to review each patch.

how do you think? Should I make 5 new tickets?

PS: I'm browsing 'quick git tutorial' to find out, how to commit
locally my current changes, and how to push them under some useful
name for you, like "1518_skins_tree_view"

Janek Kozicki                       |

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