Re: Alt+function keys and other keys

On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 09:35 +0100, Miguel Pérez wrote:
>     Following the bug I reported
> ( ), I've been trying
> different terminal emulators and combinations and wasn't able to get
> these keys (mostly function keys with Alt, Ctrl-Alt, Ctrl-Shift,
> Alt-Shift, Ctrl-Alt-Shift, also Home/End/PgUp/PgDown disturbances) to
> work on Midnight Commander.

Thanks, I'm glad to see someone working on this. I use GNOME terminal on
Fedora and I first noticed the problem with F12, when the Ctrl-pgup and
Ctrl-pgdn stopped working (it turned out developers had switched that
functionality to some other key bindings that don't work on GNOME
terminal). The bug reports related to that incident are here:

It seems like a good idea to see which terminals are the most commonly
used and focus testing on those. My guess is the GNOME terminal and KDE
Konsole terminals are at the top of the list since nearly every modern
distro runs one of those two desktops. Maybe there needs to be a policy
that key combination changes must be tested on mainline terminals before
they are accepted in released versions of MC.


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