Re: updated: [master] [936bb2e] Added code names for parentheses, brackets and braces.

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 08:47:54AM +0400, Andrew Borodin wrote:
> Why your censorious remarks are appeared post factum after merging
> to master not before?
because you are refusing to employ a workflow which would suit me (or
any of the other former contributors who have no time to waste nowadays).
trac adds overhead, because it breaks out of the email-only workflow - i
have to deal with web access (which is slow), start pushing the mouse,
and deal with the usual chicanes of trac - e.g., being logged out each
time i close the browser.
on top of that, trac does not provide support for in-line comments,
which makes it a rather poor review tool.
if you want to use trac for state tracking that's fine with me, but
it is unrealistic to expect any occasional contributor to play that
to fix the situation without changing your own workflow too much, you
could set up trac to send push notifications for work branches, and have
all mc devs subscribe to the commit list (or you could set up the
reply-to address of the commit mails to mc-devel).

that you use jabber for real-time communication (instead of irc, like
almost every other open-source project) doesn't exactly help the
situation, either. just use #mc on

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