Change in mcedit exit dialog

Hi there,

I just installed 4.7.3 and was very surprised by the change in the exit dialog of mcedit. After years of using mcedit, I do not even think about the key sequence for saving and quitting: [F10],[right],[return]

It used to be that the exit dialog would have three buttons
    [cancel] [save] [discard]

Now suddenly, the order has changed to
    [save] [discard] [cancel]

So now the key sequence that is burned into my brain from years of using mc results in [discard] rather than [save] as it used to. I have been trapped by this at least ten times within a few hours. First editing a file, then intending to save the changes but instead discard them.

Could the exit dialog please be changed back to the original order? It may not be perfect and there may be good reasons to change it, but simply swapping the buttons in such a dangerous way will certainly annoy any long-time user of midnight commander.

Norbert Nemec

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